Fighting COVID-19 with federated learning

The spread of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has reached pandemic levels across the globe. There is an urgent need to develop CT apps that not only monitor but also intervene to limit COVID-19 spread while respecting user security and privacy. Sponsored by National Science Foundation, this project addresses this challenge via Federated Analytics[…]

Congrats on Ragini’s master degree

Ragini Sharma successfully defended her master thesis on “A Study on Knowledge Transfer Techniques to Support Deep Learning on Edge Devices”. Her work studies the use of knowledge transfer techniques to support distributed deep learning that exploits the knowledge from deep networks trained in the cloud to improve the accuracy and speed of small networks[…]

RTVirt published on EuroSys

RTVirt is a new solution for enabling time-sensitive applications (such as emergency planning and management applications) on virtualized systems (such as public and private cloud systems) through cross-layer scheduling. It allows the two levels of schedulers on a virtualized system to communicate key scheduling information and coordinate on the scheduling decisions. It enables optimal multiprocessor[…]

GEARS is online to support energy-efficient big-data research

GEARS is an enerGy-Efficient big-datA Research System at Arizona State University, for studying heterogeneous and dynamic data by employing heterogeneous computing and storage resources and co-designing the software and hardware components of the system. GEARS is sponsored by National Science Foundation award CNS-1629888. Read more about it here.

HPDC’18 Call for Papers, Workshop Proposals, and Sponsors

The 27th ACM International Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC’18) is calling for papers, workshop proposals, and sponsors! HPDC is the premier annual conference for presenting the latest research on the design, implementation, evaluation, and the use of parallel and distributed systems for high-end computing. It will be hosted at ASU during the week[…]