December 3, 2015

CDA 5655—Virtualized Systems


Course Description:

Topics include the concepts and principles of virtualization, the mechanisms and techniques of building virtualized systems, as well as the various virtualization-enabled computing paradigms.
State-of-the-art virtualization software and systems will be provided for students to conduct their course projects.
Field trips to local virtualization companies will be arranged for students to learn industry virtualization technologies and production virtualized systems.
Each student will propose a topic relevant to virtualization for term project, study the relevant materials, develop and implement a research idea, and in the end report and present the results.

Main Topics:

  • Virtual machines (70%)
    • Classic virtual machines
    • Paravirtualization
    • Hardware-assisted virtualization


  • Virtual networking (10%)
    • Tunneling
    • Overlay networks


  • Virtual storage (10%)
    • File system level virtualization
    • Block level virtualization


  • Virtualized computing (10%)
    • Virtual machine based distributed computing
    • Cloud computing


Sample Syllabus


Course History

Created by Dr. Zhao and pilot offered in 2009

  • Spring 2009
  • Fall 2011
  • Fall 2013