December 2, 2015

Senior Project

VISA Senior Capstone Project


Spring 2013vMoodle Social
This project integrates social networks with vMoodle to enhance communications between instructors and students and improve the effectiveness of teaching.

Fall 2012Solid State Drive based Energy Efficient Cloud Storage
This project studied the use of solid-state drive based storage caching to improve the energy consumption of cloud storage systems.

Summer 2012vMoodle Mobile
This project developed a mobile app (e.g., on Android) for vMoodle to allow users access it from anywhere at any time.

Spring 2012vMoodle – Resource Management
This project stuided the resource management of vMoodle.

Fall 2011 vMoodle – Cloud
This project extended vMoodle to support the use of public cloud resources (e.g., Amazon EC2).

  • Team
    • Junior Monel Bazile
    • Darien Ruiz
    • Gisselle Ginarte
    • Jose Hernandez
    • Diana Serpa Riveron
  • Presentation
  • Photos
Fall 2010 vMoodle – Virtualization-based Online Learning
This project developed the vMoodle framework, a new virtualization-based online education system.

  • Team
    • Stephen Bromfield
    • Joseph Hayon
    • Lionel Nimmo
    • Marcos Di Pietro
  • Presentation
  • Photos

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