December 2, 2015


Virtualization-based Online Learning System

The fundamental goal of vMoodle is to develop a virtualization-based online learning system that allows educators and students to conveniently use virtual machines (VMs) for creating and consuming course materials in an online learning environment. Specifically,vMoodle will be able to achieve the following objectives. First, it should allow an instructor to create and customize VMs as templates for homework assignments. Second, it should allow students to create their own copies of the VMs based on the instructor templates, use them for their assigned homework, and submit them after the homework is completed or before the homework’s deadline. Third, it should allow these VMs to be used efficiently both in terms of their resource usage and user-perceived performance. Fourth, all the user interactions with vMoodle should happen seamlessly in an online learning environment that they are already familiar with, such as Moodle and Blackboard. Currently vMoodle is integrated in Moodle and it supports VMs hosted in both private cloud (using VirtualBox) and public cloud (Amazon EC2).


The vMoodle prorotype was completely developed by a series of senior capstone projects mentored by Dr. Ming Zhao. The undergraduate students contributed to vMoodle are listed below.

  • Phase 1 (fall 2010 senior project) –  Basic frameworkStephen Bromfield, Joseph Hayon, Lionel Nimmo, Marcos Di Pietro
  • Phase 2 (fall 2011 senior project) – Integration with public cloud: Junior Monel Bazile, Darien Ruiz, Gisselle Ginarte, Jose Hernandez, Diana Serpa Riveron
  • Phase 3 (spring 2012 senior project) – Resource management: Leduan Camarero, Reynier Ortiz, Qais Mazhar, Austin von Nehring
  • Phase 4 (summer 2012 senior project) – Mobile vMoodle: Eduardo Castillo, Rachel Chávez, Gerardo Guijarro, Carlos Lacasa, Claudia De Leon
  • Phase 5 (spring 2013 senior project) – vMoodle Social: Greg Jean-Baptise, Karren Hernandez

More information:

  • Email to for access to vMoodle and/or to send us your feedback
  • VISA senior projects