December 3, 2015

VISA Senior Capstone Project

Spring 2013vMoodle Social
This project integrates social networks with vMoodle to enhance communications between instructors and students and improve the effectiveness of teaching.

  • Team
    • Gregory Jean Baptise
    • Karren Fernandez
Fall 2012Solid State Drive based Energy Efficient Cloud Storage
This project studied the use of solid-state drive based storage caching to improve the energy consumption of cloud storage systems.

  • Team
    • Jorge Cabrera
    • Alexis Jefferson
    • Jesus Ramos
    • Salma Rodriguez
    • Tiffany Da Silva
  • Presentation
  • Photos
Summer 2012vMoodle Mobile
This project developed a mobile app (e.g., on Android) for vMoodle to allow users access it from anywhere at any time.

  • Team
    • Eduardo Castillo
    • Rachel Chávez
    • Gerardo Guijarro
    • Carlos Lacasa
    • Claudia De Leon
  • Presentation
  • Photos
Spring 2012vMoodle – Resource Management
This project stuided the resource management of vMoodle.

Fall 2011 vMoodle – Cloud
This project extended vMoodle to support the use of public cloud resources (e.g., Amazon EC2).

  • Team
    • Junior Monel Bazile
    • Darien Ruiz
    • Gisselle Ginarte
    • Jose Hernandez
    • Diana Serpa Riveron
  • Presentation
  • Photos
Fall 2010 vMoodle – Virtualization-based Online Learning
This project developed the vMoodle framework, a new virtualization-based online education system.